Signs directed us all over this beautiful campus

We had about 110 attend.  Shot of opening "ceremonies".

Me (in blue) and Sven Aelterman.  Sven is the IT Director at Troy Univ.

Here Sven makes some opening remarks.


22 Apr 2017 - Global Azure Boot Camp Scripts

Azure Network Sctipt (Word)!AjF60W9wnFw9j700tzrTXb4gaJgbpw

Azure Virtual Machine script (text - Copy into Notepad and save with a .ps1 extension)!AjF60W9wnFw9j712f3hJKZVVXg0WmQ

22 Apr 2017 - Global Azure Boot Camp Presentations

Deploy Custom Azure Virtual Machines!AjF60W9wnFw9j71Sq9XVaFpqBi9YVQ

Implement and Manage Azure Virtual Networks!AjF60W9wnFw9j71FqfNJcKxkDlCrhg

That's a wrap!  Thanks for all the fun!