Training isn't cheap.

It never has been.  Why?  I never really understood why computer certification training costs so much, except that usually the business pays for its staff to get trained, and the understanding of these costs is they are around $2000 - $3500 for a week, and everyone seems to accept this. If you do NOT have an employer willing or able to pay for your training, or, you're unfortunately not employed, it's almost impossible to afford it.  I had one person tell me that it might as well be a million dollars, because $3500 was an impossible expense for them.

I can tell you for sure, as a trainer, I never got all that much money, rather, the training center did. 

Well, now I've decided to do something about it.

I'll train you for a much cheaper price than a training center.  Why? 

  • Because I'm older, and semi-retired.  Money isn't such a big deal to me (well, I need to buy my daily bread!).
  • I LOVE teaching.  I love working and helping other people and I love working with technology.
  • They charge too MUCH.  But I already said that.  Still, it's worth repeating.

See the price list in the Services tab.  The course price varies from $1500-$1000; only because the books and lab access may be more for newer courses.